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70% of retail banking customers start with self-service

Digital investments in self-service tools like digital banking and online account opening provide the tools consumers need. But the reality is your customers still have questions and need assistance. A recent Gartner report found that 70% of banking customers start with digital self-service when they have a question or need. But only 9% are able to get the answer and information they need without human assistance. Make self-service a reality by providing the assistance your customers need and a logical next step if they still require human assistance.

Answer your customers’ questions on demand

Give your customers the self-service assistance they need to engage with your business. Engageware builds and launches a customized knowledge base with natural language intelligence to increase adoption of customer-facing technologies and ensure rapid engagement and results.

  • Reduce call volumes with step-by-step guides and tutorials
  • Increase digital adoption with answers that surround your customers
  • Launch fast with a customized knowledge base
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We more than doubled our internal goal with a 21% increase in internal growth

Tom Novak

Visions Federal Credit Union

Ensure the right person is always available

Engageware’s appointment scheduling enables you to deliver intuitive, customizable, and convenient ways for prospective and existing customers to engage seamlessly with your financial services organization – across all digital channels, and in-branch.

  • Provide 24/7 access to schedule a time & day that is convenient
  • Match customer appointments to the right employees
  • Convert high-value opportunities while they are researching
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