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Centralize your knowledge so it’s easy to find –
and even easier to follow

Engageware’s knowledge management technology helps every employee find accurate information and give consistent, confident answers – dramatically improving customer relations and sales opportunities.

Rapidly deploy your customized knowledge base

Engageware partners with you to quickly build, implement, and launch a customized knowledge base for your organization.

With over 20 years of banking experience, our team loads, structures and optimizes your knowledge base to ensure content can be easily found and followed by your employees.

Knowledge Management Services

Successful searches. Every time.

With Engageware, your employees can increase customer satisfaction with immediate, accurate answers about your policies, procedures, or product information.

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Improve efficiency and outcomes

Engageware gives you robust management tools for single sign-ons, detailed analytics and reporting, streamlined workflows, and instant notifications.

Ease of implementation ensures a quick deployment, while ongoing data and insights ensure your knowledge base is always optimized.

Knowledge simplified

With step-by-step guides, Engageware ensures that the answers to customer questions are not only easy to find, but easy to understand too.

Engageware works where you do

Your knowledge base embeds easily into the tools and apps your teams already use – whether they’re in-person or remote. Enable your employees to access information from anywhere, including desktop apps, Microsoft 365, intranets, and call centers.

The tools and answers your employees need at their fingertips

Banking Intranet

Enhance the employee experience beyond knowledge management to include the information employees need in one centralized area.

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Employee Directory

Employee Directory provides an easy and efficient way to easily find the right person in the right department or location.

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Engageware’s Employee Knowledge Management has been a game-changer. It has empowered our employees, and given them the confidence they need to provide the experience our member’s expect.

Marine Federal Credit Union

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